Daddy Freeze advises Christians, reveals cause of broken marriages

Daddy Freeze, a controversial television figure, has stated that the devil is not to blame for the breakdown of marriages.

Daddy Freeze said this in response to a post by reality actress Ka3na, who blamed the devil for recent marriage breakdowns.

According to her, everyone should remain single because the devil is working overtime to destroy couples through his influence.

But, in response, Daddy Freeze stated that broken marriages are the product of flaws and personal failings, not the devil.

He claims that the devil did not destroy any marriages in the Bible, and that Christians should stop blaming each other.

“Dear K3na and Nigerian Christians,” he wrote. The devil does not destroy marriages; in fact, in the entire Bible, the devil does not damage a single marriage, as you can see for yourself.

“So, please, let us stop blaming the devil for our own mistakes and failings.”

Celebrity marriages have been in the news recently, eliciting mixed reactions on social media.

Following the birth of their second child in March, Justin Dean and Korra Obidi declared their intention to divorce due to claimed manipulation and narcissistic behavior.

Nkechi Blessing’s marriage to her husband, Opeyemi Falegan, similarly ended in less than 24 hours after the husband declared he could no longer be affiliated with a ‘lesbian.’

Nkechi Blessing has recently resorted to social media to divulge secrets, accusing her ex-boyfriend, among other things, of not being excellent in bed.

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